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Steel Wire Deformed and Deacero Wire Reinforcing (DWR) are both defined as deformed reinforcement in the International Building Code section. Steel wire must meet ASTM and ACI requirements allowing the use of wire on specific yield strengths. DWR mats are routinely produced in Grade 80 distorted steel, higher-quality than the base necessity by ASTM-496 of Grade 70. The mats can be introduced up to multiple times quicker than regular mats and essentially cut the necessary expenses and season of your structure building activities. As for earthquake-prone country like Bangladesh, the best steel company, Rahim steel is to bring BSTI’s new standard with the highest Ductility class ‘’D’ (tested by BUET and BSTI). Compared to past 500w grade rods, RSM B500DWR and RSM B420DWR grade rods are more earthquake tolerant. Now, any construction in Bangladesh will be much safer with the new DWR technology provided by the largest steel manufacturing company.

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Leading steel, rod and metal bar manufacturing company in BD uses latest technologies to be the best steel products and deformed bar supplier for you

Rahim group has been the pioneer for the steel and steel-based products supplier in Bangladesh for over 60 years. when it comes to choose the best steel adept Rahim group has always been the name that comes first in the mind. With DWR technology the alignment, this achievement will be much more shielded. We own our own power plants to provide our mills and offices. Rahim group has always been a step ahead in adopting and bringing up new technologies in the steel market of Bangladesh. In all kinds of small and large erections, steel and bars of Rahim group are the first choice of engineers in Bangladesh which are also reasonable in price. also we have successfully integrated our mills and factories in a technological manner. We have our own laboratory for production and research purpose. Thus, it won’t be wrong to state that Rahim group is the best steel, rods, deformed bars supplier in Bangladesh.

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With the experience that has been spanning over 60 years, Rahim group is a companion for it's customers who has acquired deep knowledge over the steel domain. and implanted different significant technologies such as DWR, Power plants, Laboratories. Again, our aim is to ensure customer satisfaction by assuring product excellence and timely delivery. Rahim group, the best steel expert in Bangladesh is a partner that understands the customer-specific necessities. Since the inception, the group's strength has always been in our commitment & enthusiasm.

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Why Rahim Group is the Best Steel, rod and metal bar manufacturer in Bangladesh?

Form the modest beginning, Rahim Group has grown into one of the leading steel manufacturers of Bangladesh. We provide, different kinds of steel and steel products including Carbon steel, Alloy steel, Manganese steel, Silicon steel, Aluminum steel, Stainless steel, Diamond steel etc in Bangladesh as well as globally. To be more specific some mentionable products are, 60 Grade Deformed Bar, 40 Grade Deformed Bar, Billet, Flat-Bar, MS Angle, MS-Channel etc. We are the proud introducer of the classic 500W rods in Bangladesh. We own our own 62MW Power Plant to provide highest power support in our technologically advanced mills and seven well established sister concerns. Again, DWR Structural Concrete Reinforcing makes welded, decidedly twisted steel wire fortification mats produced using enormous breadth poles that are pre-cut, combination welded to ASTM principles, and prepared to meet your solid support needs.

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FERRO ALLOY CO. (PVT.) LTD. has been awarded the certification of ISO 9001:2015 QMS by AQC Middle East FZE.for details: aqcworld.com

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Rahim Steel Mills Co. (Pvt.) Ltd has been awarded the certification of ISO 9001:2015 QMS by AQC Middle East FZE.

Rahim Steel Mills Co. (Pvt.) Ltd has been awarded the certification of ISO 9001:2015 QMS by AQC Middle East FZE.for details: aqcworld.com