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Ferro Alloy Co. (Pvt.) Ltd. is the first & only manufacturer of Ferro Alloys in Bangladesh. The company produces quality Ferro Alloys for use mainly in steel making & also specialises in producing quality products like Ferro Manganese (Fe-Mn), Silico Manganese (Si-Mn) & Ferro Silicon (Fe-Si). With the hard & sincere efforts of technical personnel equipped with production & testing facilities, the company attained the capacity to meet the growing demand of the country as well as export.

Products of Ferro Alloy Co. (Pvt.) Ltd

Chemical composition of Fe-Mn, Si-Mn & Fe-Si

Ferro Manganese(Fe-Mn)

Ferro Manganese, a Ferro Alloy with high content of Manganese, is made by heating a mixture of MnO2 & Fe2O3 with Carbon, usually as Coal & Coke. Ferro Manganese is used as a de-oxidizer for Steel.

Henry Bessemer invented the use of Ferro Manganese as a method of introducing Manganese in controlled proportions during the production of Steel. The advantage of combining powdered Iron Oxide & Manganese Oxide together is the lower melting point of the combined Alloy compared to pure Manganese Oxide.

Silico Manganese (Si-Mn)

Silico Manganese adds additional Silicon, which is a stronger de-oxidant. Nitrogen, Boron, Titanium, Phosphorus are elements that can be controlled depending on the requested specification. A very specific application of refined manganese alloys is a constituent in the coating of welding electrodes.

Ferro Silicon (Fe-Si)

Ferro Silicon is an Alloy of Iron & Silicon. It is produced by reducing Silica or Sand with Coke in the presence of Iron.

Ferro Silicon is used to reduce metals from their Oxides & to de-oxidize Steel & other Ferrous Alloys. Ferro Silicon is also used to manufacture silicon, corrosion-resistant & high-temperature resistant Ferrous Silicon Alloys & Silicon Steel for electro-motors and transformer cores. In the manufacture of cast iron, Ferro Silicon is used for inoculation of the Iron to accelerate graphitization. In arc welding, Ferro Silicon can be found in some electrode coatings. Ferro Silicon is a basis for the manufacturing of pre-alloys like Magnesium Ferro Silicon (MgFeSi), used for the production of Ductile Iron. Ferro Silicon is also important as an additive to cast irons for controlling the initial content of Silicon. Magnesium Ferro Silicon is instrumental in the formation of nodules, which give ductile Iron its flexible property. Unlike grey cast iron, which forms Graphite flakes, ductile Iron contains Graphite nodules or pores, which make cracking more difficult.

Chemical composition of Fe-Mn, Si-Mn & Fe-Si

 Manganese (Mn %)Carbon (C %)Silicon (Si %)Phosphorous (P %)Sulphur (S %)Aluminium (Al %)Iron (Fe %)
Ferro Manganese (Fe-Mn)70 – 755.50 – 6.501.50 – 2.500.30 Max0.05 Max18 – 22
Silico-Manganese (Si-Mn)60 – 652.00 – 3.0014 – 160.30 Max0.05 Max20 – 22
Ferro Silicon (Fe-Si)0.15 – 0.2270 – 750.04 Max0.03 Max1.50 Max23 – 28

*** We can cater to other grades & specification as per customers requirement.

Raw Materials

The company has its own captive power plant. Power supply is designed in such a way as to make quick & timely products as per requirement of customers. We have four furnaces for production & a new facility has been developed for manufacturing Ferro Manganese, Silico Manganese & Ferro Silicon with advanced technology & high capacity electricity transferring system. We are also connected to the national electricity grid of extra high voltage (132KV).

Packing & Standard Size

Ferro Alloys is delivered in (50 Kg) jute bags, IMT jumbo bags or loose in containers. Company gives any packing decoration as per customers requirement. The materials must not come in to contact with moisture. It has to be stored in dry well-ventilated places and remain air tight until use. (As a good practice) Size: We provide products size ranging from 25-100 (mm) and 50-100 (mm) or as per customer requirement.

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